Monday, January 17, 2011

How Important Is It to Smell Good?

Extremely Important!

Sense of smell is just about the strongest sense humans have. It can either disance us or attract us to someone. Think of that person who smells like BO or something you don't want to investigate...disgusting right? Now think of that guy/girl who always walks past you smelling like heaven itself. You can't get enough of them, right? That is the person you want to be.

Ok, so how do I become the smell-good person?

1. Make sure to regularly take showers or baths. If you have rigorous activities that make you sweat during the day, then you may have to take one shower in the morning and another one at night. I know this tip is a given, but some things really do deserve extra emphasis...

2. Figure out what scents work best with your natural pheromones. For women there are flowery scents, fresh scents, sugary sweet ones, and woodsy ones (almost like a cologne). I have found that sugary sweet perfumes and floral scents are wonderful on me. However, this can be hard to decide. Just walk up to a department store counter and start testing them out. If you have any questions, just ask the sales attendants. They should have the perfume descriptions on hand.

3. Once you know what type of scent you need, decide between body spray and perfume. Personally, I use a combination of both. The good thing about body sprays is that they are very affordable, and there is normally a wonderful lotion and body wash right next the spray on the shelf. This makes it easy to layer it on, so that you smell amazing in a natural way. Bath and Body Works is the best for this, but you can find them in Wal-mart,Wal-greens, etc. Body sprays are great, but they are also very light and they tend to wear off quickly. So if you have some money to spend and you are looking for a durable scent, hit the fragrance counters. Ask for a set that comes with the lotion and a mini bottle.

4. Know where to apply the scent. You can use several methods. The traditional way is to spray or dab all of your pulse points; over your heart, behind you ears, on your neck, inside both wrists, inside both elbows, lower abdomen, and behind your knees. It lasts you all day, lol. However if you are just going out for awhile, then you might want to just spray the air, step throught the scent and then spray your hair. An added extra is to spray the back of your neck if you know you're gonna be getting a hug, or up close and personal with someone ;).

5. Always carry around the little mini bottles or roll-ons. This can be a great refresher in the middle of your school/work day. Or it can be there for you half-way through a date =). The point is, with these little suckers, you can always smell wonderful!

So, maybe this isn't the most important thing in the world. But it can greatly inhance your personal style and brighten up your day. Plus, wouldn't it be great if when people thought of you they'd say "Mmm...That girl/guy always smells soooo good!"

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  1. "I know this tip is a given, but some things really do deserve extra emphasis..." haha true statement.